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Ben Morgan-Dillon

At the age of 24, Benjamin faced the devastating news; his father was diagnosed with terminal cancer and given just 3 months to live. Despite all initial expectations his father lived for an additional 4 years, mostly symptom-free, due to excellent medical care and the tireless efforts of Benjamin refining his organic cultivation which helped his father endure his treatments. It was through this experience of witnessing the power of cannabis firsthand that fueled Benjamin’s entrepreneurial drive and commitment to educating society on the benefits of organic and regenerative cannabis cultivation. Up until that tragic event, Ben was the top student in his nursing school program, but those plans were scrapped and he fully committed to building Acadia Farms. Its mission: To produce eco-friendly cannabis-based products that have a net-positive impact on society and nature, while simultaneously providing industry-leading education and guidance in cultivation and facility design to minimize environmental and ecological impacts. Over the past 5 years, Benjamin's passion to learn, experience, and teaching have brought him to facilities, farms, and classrooms across the US, Europe, and the Caribbean. He is as eager to learn as he is to teach and looks forward to every opportunity to do so.

Corner the Market

You do not have to know all of the ins and outs of this industry to be successful.
We help fill the gaps.

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