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David Goldenberg

David is an accomplished and decorated domestic and international C-Suite level executive focused on startup to mid-sized businesses - in their entirety. David currently owns multiple ongoing entities in addition to being an executive consultant to CEO’s and Officers in private and public sectors. Most recently David has been asked to provide his knowledge and leadership talents to the Cannabis industry to deliver essential startup and management expertise as a consultant and/or as an equity partner. Notably, David sits on the Board of Advisors for Smokin’ Dispensaries (https://www.smokindispensaries.com) and is a Principal of Cannabiz Advisors (www.cannabizadvisors.co). David offers his clients a unique set of skills ranging from defining purpose,
vision and goals to personal involvement in entire business plans or specific projects. First and foremost, David is a results-oriented leader with a starting line to finish line game-winning mindset. David is also
an educator and master collaborator with a penchant for maintaining effective communications and personally coordinating executives, partners, associates, investors and vendors on multiple project
levels simultaneously to achieve the objectives of every project he undertakes. David’s applicable skills and knowledge for his Cannabis clients includes management of pre and post-license activities and
operations including business plan development and implementation and direct engagement of lenders, investors, bankers, insurers, attorneys, accountants, Regulators, architects, landlords, supply chains, etc. David is highly proficient at making private and public presentations and works with local community-level advocates to ensure social responsibility. To sum it up, David is equally comfortable in boardrooms, grow-rooms, showrooms and back rooms.

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