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Mark Kamen

Mark enjoys an impressive career as a creative entrepreneur spanning more than four decades and multiple industries. Working at notable advertising firms early on, he combined his passion for marketing with a keen sense of entrepreneurship to establish Kamen Advertising in 1986. Two decades later, Mark gravitated to the new world of LED lighting, where he has supplied solutions to a broad range of retail, commercial and industrial installations.


By creating the Cannabiz Advisory Alliance, Mark combined his passion for business and strategic marketing with a handpicked network of cannabis experts, to help ensure the success of entrepreneurs who are embarking on the burgeoning cannabis industry.


Now, with the spotlight shifting to the tri-state cannabis industry, Mark and his team will be guiding prospective cultivation and dispensary owners every step of the way. His aim has always been to facilitate and reinforce the customer bond with unparalleled service and dedication to excellence, which he intends to continue, with every cannabis client. 

Corner the Market

You do not have to know all of the ins and outs of this industry to be successful.
We help fill the gaps.

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